Varian Vacuum Products

Applied Vacuum Engineering are the authorised service centre for Varian vacuum pumps and equipment in the UK.

A pioneer in vacuum technology since the 1950s, Varian, Inc. has become a worldwide supplier of total vacuum solutions, aimed at specific applications and market requirements. This success is aided by the broadest offering of vacuum pumps, which includes...

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Primary/Rough Vacuum

Dry Scroll Pumps Oil-free, for absolutely clean applications. From atmosphere to 10-2 mbar.

Dry Scroll Pumps
Rotary-Vane Pumps Includes the new Smart Pumps. From atmosphere to 2 x 10-3 mbar.
Rotary Vane Pumps
High and Ultra-High Vacuum

Diffusion Pumps High-performance, cost-effective process pumps. From 10-1 to 10-8 mbar.
Diffusion Pumps
Turbomolecular Pumps Process pumps with monolithic rotors and high forepressure tolerance. From 10 to 10-10 mbar.
Turbo Pumps
Ion Pumps Ultra-high vacuum pumps in diode, noble diode, and StarCellĀ® versions. From 10-4 to 10-11 mbar.
Ion Pumps
Leak Detection Instruments

VS Series

Vacuum Measurement

Vacuum Measurement Transducers
Turbo Pumping Systems

Turbo Pumping Systems

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