Centralised Vacuum Systems

Centralised Vacuum systems are used to provide point of vacuum throughout a test laboratory or facility, and to provide a certain vacuum within the system to allow correct operation of the equipment connected. 

Installing a central vacuum system is very advantageous especially from the standpoint of energy savings because the pumps will only switch on when there is a demand on the system.

Systems can be supplied in either a simplex, duplex or triplex rotary vane vacuum pump configuration with connection directly or indirectly to a horizontal or vertical mounted mild steel reservoir depending on the floor space available.

Automatic vacuum control is achieved by a vacuum switch with two adjustable setpoints to start and stop the pump at the high and low points demanded by the application. An electrical panel with PLC to start and run the pump in manual or automatic mode complete with cutout switch, hour counter and start and stop switch.

The PLC also controls the automatic wear on the pumps, so that each pump is selected as the ‘primary' pump in turn on every cycle. Each pump can also be isolated separately via a ball valve for emergency or routine maintenance without interruption to the systems ability to run.

Applied Vacuum Engineering can provide a complete package including installation and commissioning.

AVE 3-250-1000 Triplex Centralised Vacuum System

Simplex Vacuum System

CPA single pump vacuum systems are mainly used in centralized systems as vacuum sources, or on lifting equipment where the receiver serves a safety function in the event of a power outage.

Duplex Vacuum System

CPA vacuum systems with dual pump are mainly used in centralized vacuum systems as units suitable for creating and maintaining a certain vacuum within the system to allow proper operation of the equipment connected. 

AVE 1-25-100 Simplex Centralised Vacuum System

Triplex Vacuum System

CPA triple pump vacuum systems are primarily used as vacuum systems for hospital applications. These groups have been developed to meet the specifications required by EN 737/3 standards.

AVE 3-250-1000 Triplex Centralised Vacuum System

Portable vacuum systems (CPV 4/8)

This unit was developed for applications in the construction industry and wherever a practical and easily portable buffer receiver is needed, with which to power suction cups or fastening equipment.