Custom Built Vacuum Equipment

We have custom built many different types of vacuum plant and below are just a few examples of what we can do:

AVE 6 Position Rotating Source

This jig can be retro-fitted to most small coating plant, for example the BOC Edwards 306 series coating plant for sequential resistive evaporation of several materials. It is supplied complete with a right angled rotary drive and drive chain.

6 position Source

Rotary Planetary Substrate Jig

Shown is a system designed and developed for a special 20" high vacuum coating plant. The jig is designed to give both height and angle adjustments on the planets. The planets counter-rotate to give optimum coverage of the required coating. All construction materials were UHV compatible.

Planetary System

Vacuum/Pressure Resin Impregnation Plant

Resin impregnation is commonly used in the production of high quality coils and transformers. The varnish impregnation unit shown is used in the production of large transformers and has been in production 24/7 for several years.

Vacuum Impregnation vessel

Vacuum/Pressure Kerosene Filling Plant

Capable of the simultaneous filling of up to 30 Self Acting Temperature Controls. This equipment was designed and built to the customers specification and requirements. It is PLC controlled and requires minimal operator intervention.

Kerosene Filling Rig

Bell in a Bell Jar Experiment

With the bell ringing continuously it can be easily heard outside the jar. Once a vacuum pump is turned on, the air is slowly removed. As this happens, the sound diminishes until eventually it cannot be heard at all.

The picture on the right is of equipment supplied to the @Bristol exhibition, fully automated with visitor operating controls.

Bell in a Bell Jar Experiment

Stainless Steel Vacuum Oven

This vacuum oven was built to be used to vacuum dry valves after water testing. The temperature was controlled at 60 degrees Centegrade. A PLC was fitted to control the drying cycle from start to finish.

Vacuum drying Oven

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your requirements.