Varian Turbo Pumps

Turbo - V 81

Better performance with less power consumption

  • Saves energy while creating less heat, which improves reliability
Optimized cooling fins for air-cooling
  • Further improves reliability by lowering operating temperature
Optimized geometry of Turbo-V 81-M MacroTorr stages
  • Lower power requirements with improved tolerable foreline pressure and sustainable throughput
Dismountable foreline connector
  • Great versatility in connecting to the forepump
Cooling by either air or water
  • Flexibility of cooling choices
New Turbo-V 81-AG Rack Controller
  • Operation from front panel or remotely
  • Universal input power
  • Display of pump speed while stopping
  • Regenerative braking while stopping
  • Drives vent valve with adjustable delay and opening time
  • Drives the 24 VDC pump cooling fan
  • Reads high-vacuum pressure with EyeSys Mini-IMG Gauge
  • Optional Profibus interface
  • Optional RS-232 or RS-485 interface

Turbo-V 301 Navigator Pump

Turbo-V 551 Navigator Pump

Turbo-V 701 Navigator Pump

Turbo-V 1001 Navigator Pump

Turbo-V 3K-T Pump

The Varian, Inc. Turbo-V 3K-T turbomolecular pump is a versatile, high-performance 2000 l/s system that is designed for scientific and research applications as well as industrial production environments.

The Turbo-V 3K-T is a complete vacuum pumping system in one compact package, with innovative features such as built-in control circuitry and intelligent MoniTorr technology. Varian, Inc. is the only manufacturer that offers turbo pumps with fully integrated electronics in combination with a maintenance-free dry lubricaton system.

The optimized design of the turbine guarantees high performance, even in applications with high gas loads or high levels of light gases, as well as UHV applications demanding high compression.
The sophisticated integrated electronics permit these special features:

  • T-plus software interface to a computer
  • PROFIBUS® communication interface
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Stop-speed reading function for monitoring slow-down after a stop command
  • MoniTorr remote diagnostics
  • Available integrated purge/vent device

Turbo-V 6000 Pump

Turbo-V 2K-G Pump

The first application-specific vacuum pumping solution for thin-film deposition equipment

The Turbo-V 2K-G is more than a pump. It is a dedicated pumping system, designed specifically for the plasma process industry. Its pumping stages and the entire pump structure are optimized to work with very high flows of argon gas and very high temperatures. Additionally, it features built-in control electronics, an integrated vent and purge valve, and maintenance-free bearings. All of these assets make the Varian Turbo-V 2K-G the optimum pumping solution for the coating industry.

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Turbo Pumps

Broad product offering, from 70 to 6,000 l/s

  • Covers all possible applications and market segments
State-of-the-art MacroTorr® Technology
  • Maximizes the throughput.
  • Extends the foreline pressure tolerance up to 18 bar.
  • Increases the compression ration by decades.
Monolithic rotors
  • Each rotor is machined from a single piece of aluminum alloy.
  • Weight is minimized.
  • Pumps may be operated in any position without compromise.
  • Stresses on materials and bearings are reduced.
Highly reliable, maintenance-free ceramic ball bearings
  • No oil, no contamination.
  • Increased MTTF.
Built-in controllers available for Navigator pumps
  • Simple, space-saving configuration
  • Navigator software eases remote control and monitoring.