DVP Vacuum Pumps

As major suppliers of DVP equipment for nearly 10 years, we have every confidence in promoting and supplying their pumps and accessories. 

DVP pumps have proved to be of high quality, whilst also being both reliable and cost effective. This is further demonstrated by the level of repeat business from our customers.

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Oil free vane vacuum pumps and compressors.
33 models in the range from 1-140 M3/hr with ultimate vacuum down to 120 Mbar and positive pressures to 1.5 bar.
 DVP Oil Free Vacuum Pump SB.6
Reciprocating piston vacuum/compressor pumps.
28 models in the range, from less than 1 M3/hr to 8 M3/hr, and with ultimate vacuum down to 10 Mbar and pressures to 3 bar.
 DVP Reciprocating Piston Pump
Oil sealed Single stage rotary vane pumps.
Twenty five models in the range from 1-305 M3/hr and ultimate vacuum down to 0.5 Mbar.
 DVP Oil Sealed Vacuum Pump LB.25
Oil sealed Double stage rotary vane pumps.
Fourteen models in the range from 2- 16 M3/hr and ultimate vacuum down to 0.005 Mbar.
 DVP Double Stage Vacuum Pump DB.2D
Side channel blowers for both vacuum and pressure applications.
Twenty three models in the range from 40 – 660 M3/hr and ultimate vacuum down to 500 Mbar, or positive pressures of up to 600 Mbar.
 DVP Side Channel Blower TSA.310
Centralised vacuum systems with receivers.
Twenty one standard systems in the range with pumping speeds from 10 – 1000 M3/hr and receiver volumes from 4 – 1000 litres. Antibacterial filters and systems built to EN 737-3 available - for hospital use.
 DVP Centralised Vacuum System CPA 3x305/1000V
A range of inlet and exhaust filters, antibacterial filters, vacuum gauges flow regulators and other items which can be used in conjunction with the pumps and systems detailed above.
 DVP Vacuum Pump Accessories

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