Vacuum Coating Plant

Vacuum Coating Plant Leadthroughs

We specialise in both refurbishing existing vacuum coating plant and building new plant for specific applications, from laboratory size plant up to major capital plant for production work. We also carry out service, both breakdown and routine maintenance to most types of coating plant.

We design and build coating plant jigs and fixtures ranging from simple rotating sources through to complex process systems.

Vacuum chamber leadthroughs are manufactured in our works and the range covers:
  • Vacuum Chamber Blanks
  • LT and HT Leadthroughs
  • Multi-pin Instrument and Thermocouple Leadthroughs from 2 - 16 pin
  • Rotary Drive Leadthroughs Both Right Angled and in Line Drive Versions
  • Water Cooling Leadthroughs
  • Motorised Variable Speed Drives and Controllers
Vacuum coating power supplies and system controllers, from simple LT power supplies up to full PLC system control.

Whether you need just a few filaments or a full production system our sales team will be pleased to talk to you.

Special rotary planetary jig with both angle and height adjustment