Vacuum Measurement Instruments

Vacuum Measurement Transducers

Varian offers many transducer technologies to fit a wide variety of vacuum applications. The selection of an appropiate vacuum gauge for a particular application depends upon many factors. Some of the factors that should be considered are:

  • operating pressure ranges
  • repeatability of measurement
  • mounting orientation
  • accuracy of measurement
  • transducer ruggedness
  • the presence of chemically-reactive gas species
  • sensitivity to stray magnetic or electromagnetic fields.

Active gauges

Active gauges are self-contained pressure measurement devices, needing no external gauge controls. Each gauge contains a transducer plus the circuitry necessary to drive the transducer and interpret its signals into pressure data.

Gauge Controllers

In order to supply power to, and get readings from, a vacuum gauge transducer, you must have a gauge controller, unless you are using Varian all-in-one Active Gauges.

Varian, Inc. offers a variety of gauge controllers, from the simple Model 801 Thermocouple Gauge Controller to the versatile and powerful Multi-Gauge.