Vacuum Plant Refurbishment

For many years we have refurbished and upgraded existing vacuum plant to the highest standards. The results are a plant which performs in most cases to better than the original new specification and is considerably more "user friendly", at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Tungsten Welding Vacuum Chamber

Tungsten Welding Chamber

A fully restored Vacuum chamber for Tungsten Welding of Aerospace Components.

Refurbished BOC Edwards 24" Vacuum Coating Plant

Refurbished BOC Edwards 24" Vacuum Coating Plant

An Edwards 24" coating plant in very poor condition which was fully rebuilt, rewired, fitted with a new pumping group and with the latest generation PLC control system and instruments. The cost of this refurbishment was approximately one-third the cost of replacement.

Fully refurbished plant will carry a 12 month guarantee according to our terms and conditions of sale.

To download a copy of our Terms and Conditions document please click here.

Refurbished BOC Edwards 24” Vacuum Coating Plant

Vacuum Plant Refurbishment

We can Refurbish all sorts of Vacuum Plant and can save you money by reducing your capital investment. Please contact us for further details.

Refurbished Edwards 48 Coating Plant

Edwards 48" Coater

An Edwards 48" Coating plant which had been largely destroyed in a fire. Again the plant was stripped and fully rebuilt in our factory. The complete system was rewired. New pumps, valves, modern control systems and instruments were fitted. The cost of this refurbishment was approximately one quarter the cost of replacement plant.