Vacuum Degassing Chambers and Kits

Vacuum Degassing Equipment

Welcome to our Vacuum Degassing Page where you can purchase complete systems and accessories supported by a reputable company with 35 years in the high vacuum industry.

Our Vacuum Chambers are manufactured from high quality materials, selected  to withstand vacuum pressures. 

All the Systems are fitted with vibration resistant glycerine filled Vacuum Gauges calibrated to class 1.6, which provide stable readings. 

The systems have been developed and manufactured by our staff, who possess extensive knowledge and experience, with an in depth understanding of high vacuum pumps and processes.

All completed chambers and pipework are mass spectrometer leak tested in house, ensuring quality and reliability.

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Vacuum Degassing Silicone process explained below

Heated pot with Controller

Vacuum Degassing Chambers 2017

DP1.5 1.5 Litre 156mm x 75mm
DP3 3 Litre 156mm x 155mm
DP8 8 Litre 203mm x 250mm
DP14 14 Litre 244mm x 300mm
DP25 25 Litre 297mm x 360mm
DP42 42 Litre 373mm x 381mm
DP76 76 Litre 460mm x 460mm
DP118 118 Litre 500mm x 600mm

Vacuum Degassing Kits 2017

DP1.5K3 1.5 Litre 3 CFM
DP3K3 3 Litre 3 CFM
DP8K3 8 Litre 3 CFM
DP14K6 14 Litre 6 CFM
DP25K6 25 Litre 6 CFM
DP25K8 25 Litre LB8
DP42K12 42 Litre LC12
DP76K25 76 Litre LC25
DP118K25 118 Litre LC25
DP118K25WR 118 Litre LC25WR
DP118K40 118 Litre LC40

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Bell Jar Degassing Systems

We also manufacture a range of Borosilicate Bell Jar Degassing Systems.

Complete Degassing Kit

Ask for details of our complete degassing kits, comprising a degassing chamber, a suitable Vacuum Pump, Vacuum Hose and mixing containers.
Everything you need to start degassing. 
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